Merrymeeting Press

About the Prints

Woodcut printmaking is my favorite medium for several reasons. I still enjoy the whole process of working in wood and the feel of sharp tools cutting well. I like participating in the traditions of printmaking. I’m attracted to the unpretentiousness and accessibility of prints as a creative medium. I'm captivated by the magical moment that reveals what the print has finally become.

I carve on wood and usually print with European oil-based inks and an etching press, although I also work sometimes in the Japanese water-based hanga technique and print by hand. In making color prints, I use both a multi-block process where each color is printed on a different block, as well as reduction printing where the block or blocks are carved away as successive layers of color are printed.

My studio is in back of the Green Lion Gallery on Front Street in Bath, Maine. It's often open if you want to stop in and see me at work.